What we do

Happy customers are encouraged to review you on Google, Facebook or other review sites. Any not-so-happy customers are asked to leave their feedback privately. We then send both the good and bad feedback to you, enabling you to fine tune your offering.

Why your businesses needs reviews?

They research and look for real, genuine and honest reviews from people just like them. They want more of the real world experience and less of the ‘marketing speak’. Additionally, companies with more reviews tend to outrank their competition in the Google Search results.

You know online reviews are important

Smart Reviews can help you automate your entire review process. You will save time on all those tedious tasks like requesting, collecting and uploading reviews to the right places. 

1 in 3 consumers will pick their second-choice brand over their first-choice brand just because it’s present.

How it works

Your review funnel works around the clock to ensure we are collecting valuable reviews from your customers. New customers are invited to review following their purchase. Existing customers are sent requests gradually. 

Your dashboard allows you to access all your stats. You see reviews and their ratings along with patterns in feedback across all your reviews. 



By collecting quality reviews you can expect to increase your rankings in the Google Search results. Attracting new business is easier when you start to outrank your competitors.  



When directing quality reviews to Google, Facebook or other preferred channels, you build your business visibility and brand awareness. 



By displaying your reviews anywhere potential customers visit, you leverage social proof and assist their decision making process. 



The remarketing function allows you to keep the conversation going with your warmest leads. 

Ready to step-up your review game?

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It’s no secret that search engines use reviews as a ranking factor. With a steady stream of quality reviews you improve your ranking when it counts. 

When your review funnel is working you’re easier to find and easier to choose. 

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Before you go, we genuinely want to make sure your review game is on point.