I have loads of reviews – now what?

Having a stockpile of quality, positive reviews is awesome, but it is a waste if nobody can see them.

Review generation and marketing should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, no matter how big or small the company. Keep in mind that review generation should be looked at as creating a system, not one-off attempts to get a positive review. It is something you ultimately want to be automated — whether that’s through an email campaign or an outside tool.

Now is the time to amplify those glowing reviews!

The following examples show how brands can be authentic while making a significant impact by incorporating customer feedback into their marketing and communications. Each review helps your brand establish itself as a trustworthy company based on unbiased customer reviews.  Here are five ways Smart Reviews can help you use your reviews to reach new customers.

1. Using reviews on your website

A recent study found that people read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase. Proving that consumers want to learn from other people’s experiences before trusting you enough to do the same.

So how can you use social proof to create compelling experiences?

Build consumer trust by showcasing your current customers’ experience with your company on your website. As part of the Smart Reviews platform, a widget on your site will automatically post your most recent 5-star reviews. Key pages to include reviews on are your homepage and other high traffic pages (product, pricing, checkout, or post-click landing pages). Reviews here show you’re being transparent and gives consumers the encouragement they need to complete a purchase.

2. Using reviews in search ads

Search engines don’t just rank you based on how well you optimise your listing. They also monitor what other people have to say about you.

Reviews can help show potential customers how you live up to your customers’ expectations. Plus, regular new content can help you acquire Google Seller Ratings (the star rating displayed underneath the URL on Google, improving your visibility).

The orange stars, the rating, and the number of reviews show helpful feedback information to search users. This helps you stand out from every other listing and build trust earlier in search results before shoppers even visit your website!

3. Using your customer’s voices on social channels

Having your audience engage with other customers can be a huge marketing win. It can be what turns an undecided visitor into a loyal customer.

To research brands, consumers often scour through social channels to see what other customers say about the product and overall customer experience. 1 out of 4 users follow brands on social media which they might buy from. So, it’s safe to say that showcasing your customers’ feedback on social channels is beneficial.

Sharing third-party validation on social media helps increase your brand’s credibility, boost engagement, and grow sales.

4. Using reviews in emails

Including reviews in emails is a great way to showcase what others have experienced with you. It also lets readers know what to expect if they become customers too.

5. Using reviews in ads and marketing material

According to Trustpilot data, 88% of consumers believe ads are more trustworthy when online reviews are included. Other research shows that user-generated ads get four times higher click-through rates than average, demonstrating the importance of trust indicators like star ratings, reviews, and testimonials.

Start leveraging your brand’s reputation in marketing campaigns for improving conversions, click-through rates, and revenue. Your bottom line will thank you. Take our video tour today to learn more!

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